Public relations

What we’ve done

We organize a virtual roadshow aimed at the Spanish tourism industry, maintaining direct contact with the specialist press (Trade Media) in order to communicate and disseminate the event to the main media in the sector.

On the other hand, the invitation was translated and adapted to the market with its subsequent dispatch and dissemination of the call among professionals in the sector in Spain (also monitoring them).

In addition, not only the four exhibitors (Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic and Martinique) participated in the event, but also travel agents and tour operators.

To publicize the event in the sector, a press release was created and distributed to the sectorial media.

Initially, a goal of 150 registrations and 100 participants was set for the event, where communication with the specialist press (Trade Media) was intended to communicate and disseminate the event through the main media in the sector.


  • More than 380 registrations for the event (258% more than the target number). 
  • 190 participants attended the event (90% + of the target).
  • Presence of the event in the main trade media. 
  • Increased visibility of the destination and increased interest in the Caribbean among the travel sector in Spain. Request from several operators for specific Caribbean product and specific information.
  • Publication of the press release in several trade publications.
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