Experiential Event, the best way to connect

Experiential Event, the best way to connect

Event to launch an international promotion campaign within the framework of the Fitur 2020 Fair

2020 Online Advertising Campaign
A new product creation as a result of an inspiring FAM

Experiential Event, the best way to connect

What we’ve done

Destination Chile chose the showcase of the Fitur 2020 fair to present its new international campaign. With a local dance group welcoming the attendees, the event organized in the morning and outside the fair facilities, where the new claim of the destination; “Choose Chile. Where the impossible is possible.” was made known.

The main authorities of the destination, present in Spain, presented this new campaign at the Casa de America in Madrid with subsequent private bus transfer directly to the fair.

Click to view the video of Chile Travel Event.

Results: 140 attendees, including travel journalists, Chilean businessmen, destination authorities and personalities from the tourism sector (travel agencies, wholesalers, airlines…) as well as a drawing of prizes among the attendees to travel to Chile resulting in an event based on the experiences and emotions that will live on in the memory of those attending.

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