Successful European press trip to Chile

Successful European Press Trip to Chile

The first European press trip after the pandemic with the aim of visiting the Lake District, one of the least known areas for tourists.

What we’ve done

Three European media participated in this international press trip to Chile, visiting the area and doing all kinds of outdoor activities. Some of the experiences included hiking in the National Parks such as Alarce Andino or Vicente Pérez Rosales, the most visited in the country.

Over the course of 8 days, they also did recreational fishing in Tagua Tagua Lake, famous for its turquoise green water, and rode horses on trails that were once used to pass cattle between Chile and Argentina.

During these days they also enjoyed the local gastronomy, such as “asados al palo” or “empanadas”. This trip to the Lake District was a reconnection with nature.


  • 3 of the main relevant tourism media in European markets published comprehensive and inspirational articles about the destination: El Mundo, Viajar Magazine, Flying Media
  • Total audience: 7 million readers
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