An adventure trip to Chile with macro-influencers

An adventure trip to Chile with macro-influencers

To raise awareness among communities of travellers on social networks of other less crowded areas of Chile, such as the O’Higgins Region and the culture of the Metropolitan Region. To do this, we organised a trip of Spanish macro-influencers to achieve the greatest dissemination and notoriety.

Successful European press trip to Chile

An adventure trip to Chile with macro-influencers

What we’ve done

We selected two profiles of relevant macro-influencers in the Spanish market with an affinity for non-EU travel. In the study, we took into account not only the number of followers but also the quality of their publications, their engagement and the audience affinity with the brand.

Diana Millos and La Mochila de Sara made a complete itinerary designed specifically for them during 6 days that included adventure activities in natural spaces, gastronomic tastings and visits to discover the culture of the O’Higgins Region and the Metropolitan Region of Chile.

In addition, the network audiences were amplified thanks to the excellent relationship between them and the interaction achieved spontaneously.

Based on the effective selection of macro-influencers and the quality content they have shared on their networks, a large number of interactions and impacts have been achieved. 


  • 106 posts published in social media
  • More than 46,000 interactions
  • 1.370 coments
  • More than 1,4000 accounts reached 
  • An engagement rate of 3.25%, double the industry average engagement rate.
  • 26.001 clicks
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