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16 June 2022

The Metaverse in tourism and events

The Metaverse is a virtual world, an environment in which large numbers of people can interact both socially and economically through avatars in cyberspace. Download full […]
6 June 2022

Spain, one of the favourite destinations for LGTIBQ+ friendly European travellers

Spain finds itself in the top 3 best rated destinations amongst European travellers who regard themselves as LGTBIQ+ friendly. 
30 May 2022

Wellness Tourism: the pandemic’s gift to the market

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on worldwide society in every sense, especially on traveller preferences in their destination decision-making. A further impact has been an […]
17 May 2022

Active tourism grows by 18% in the last year

Active tourism saw an 18% increase in 2021, per data from the “Anuario Estadistico del Turismo 2022”. Increased environmental awareness and the growing need for outdoor […]
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