Spain, one of the favourite destinations for LGTIBQ+ friendly European travellers

Spain, one of the favourite destinations for LGTIBQ+ friendly European travellers

Spain finds itself in the top 3 best rated destinations amongst European travellers who regard themselves as LGTBIQ+ friendly. 

According to data provided by Travellyze, International Tourism Group (ITG)’s European tourism intelligence platform, Spain is the 2nd best rated destination. Spain is preceded by Italy and followed by Germany.

Spain’s rating as an LGTBIQ+ destination among Europeans, according to Travellyze, has improved by 1.2% compared to 2021. This rating takes into account the perception, experience and knowledge of the destination.

In addition, as Travellyze also reveals, Spaniards also place themselves in the top 3, but this time finding themselves as the most favourable destination for LGBTIQ+ friendly travellers.

Spain, the most visited country

In turn, Travellyze data also shows that 59.4% of LGTBIQ+ friendly Europeans have visited Spain, making it the most visited destination by these travellers. This percentage represents a 1.9% increase to last year.

Likewise, 64.5% of LGTBIQ+ travellers from Europe, once they visit Spain, return to our country and once again this percentage has seen an increase, in this case by +14.6%.

Profile of the LGBTQ+ Friendly Traveller according to Travellyze

LGTBIQ+ friendly Europeans, according to Travellyze data, in addition to valuing Spain for being a country friendly to the gay movement, repeatedly come to our country because of its safety standards (they value cleanliness by 44.6%, hygiene and health standards by 43.1%, accessibility to medical facilities by 41.6% and safety and low crime rates by 41.2%).

They also value leisure and the activities that our country offers them. In this case, the factors they most value are outdoor activities (40.6%), living new experiences (40%) and our gastronomy (37.8%).

In terms of budget, compared to 2021, the percentage of LGTBIQ+ friendly Europeans who intend to allocate a higher budget to their trips is increasing, although, in any case, just over half (50.3%) plan to spend the same as the previous year. 33.4% of travellers in this segment will spend between €1,000 and €3,000 and 27.3% up to €1,000.

According to Travellyze, 17.9% of LGTBIQ+ friendly Europeans choose to travel in August. This month is followed by July, with 17.8%, and June with 16.7%. Outside the summer months, the months in which these tourists travel the most are: April with 14.1% and September with 13.5%.

Irene Verde

PR Team

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