The Metaverse in tourism and events

The Metaverse in tourism and events

The Metaverse is a virtual world, an environment in which large numbers of people can interact both socially and economically through avatars in cyberspace.

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What is Metaverse?

Before we begin to explain what the metaverse is, we need to know where the term “metaverse” comes from.

The metaverse is an acronym composed of “meta”, of Greek origin, and means “after” or “beyond”, and “verse” which refers to the “universe” as something beyond what we currently know.

Virtual worlds are nothing new, with many of them already in existence, especially in the video game industry. One creates an avatar and then starts an adventure through that world via a device. However, the metaverse is not intended to be a fantasy world, but an alternative reality in which you can live your life away from home, but without leaving your room. 

Some companies already offer this possibility, such as in the tourism sector, where some hotel chains offer tours of their facilities through applications, giving security and confidence to future customers. They even see it as a way to train future employees. In the near future it will be possible to visit tourist attractions from our living room and feel that we are in front of a work of art from our living room.

The term metaverse comes from a 1992 novel called ‘Snow Crash’, a science fiction story written by Neal Stephenson, which was later made into a film.

How does the Metaverse work?

With the Internet, it is possible to interact through a computer, phone, tablet or other device screen without the limitations of time or space.

With the advent of virtual worlds, screen limitations disappear, creating an immersive experience. In a video game, we can use and walk through an avatar that represents us, touching and moving objects, interacting with other avatars and affecting the environment.

Although virtual worlds can be entered from a computer, devices such as virtual reality and augmented reality goggles can provide a more realistic experience.

Metaverse features

As indicated in the Evento Plus article on its website, the main features of Metaverso are the following:

  • Interactive space
  • Corporeal environment
  • Persistent and autonomous by itself
  • Decentralized
  • Unbounded
  • Virtual economy
  • Multiplatform
  • Reality revisited

More information in the Evento Plus article.

What is an avatar?

Avatars are custom 3D characters created by users to access the metaverse, which interact with others.

The key is to design the avatar as closely as possible to the user’s personality and appearance.

They allow users to have a complete experience that allows them to be part of a video game, purchase items, be entertained and interact with others.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non- Fungible Token. Tokens are units of value that are assigned to a business model. NFTs are closely related to cryptocurrencies, at least technologically, although they are opposites, since a Bitcoin is a fungible good, and an NFT is a non-fungible good, but in essence, they are like the two sides of a technological coin.

The Metaverse at events

Beyond meetings and work organisation, the metaverse can also be a revolution for brands and events.

One advantage of the metaverse is its focus on different ways of communicating, getting work and networking financially.  

Although it is still in the early stages of development, it is certainly still trending this year. Major brands and companies are working to create virtual spaces where they can hold events and interact with users and customers.

Some examples of events that can be held:

TV competitions: In the “Metaverse Talent Show 2021”, artists show the jury and the audience how the impossible can be achieved in the digital world.

Fashion shows: Fashion shows in which the latest collections are presented in a virtual environment in a party room in real time, creating pop-up retail spaces.

Virtual concerts: The same happens with concerts, which have encouraged great artists such as Ariana Grande or Travis Scott to try it out on the Fortnite platform.

Branded experiences: Nikeland is the name of Nike’s metaverse in partnership with the Roblox platform. It encourages physical activity, because if you use your phone’s accelerometer to count movements and steps, those movements can be transferred to the game, turning them into amazing runs or jumps.

Big parties: One of the most notorious cases is the New Year’s Eve party in the virtual world of Decentraland, which replicates the traditional New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square, followed by a big party.

Anniversary Celebration: You can celebrate important dates such as anniversaries in the metaverse by transferring the same options as in real life to the virtual universe, while taking advantage of the possibilities of this new environment.

Product Presentation: Major luxury brands have recently presented their products, offering the opportunity to share their experience with other users and purchase products.

In short, many event organisers agree that the Metaverse generates greater interest. It allows the user to share the experience with other users by giving them the opportunity to participate in the event with their own avatar. 

Leyre Ubeda

Marketing Team

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