6 tips for developing an effective influencer communication strategy

6 tips for developing an effective influencer communication strategy

Influencer strategies are part of the marketing plans and 360 strategies of brands and tourist destinations, in the inspiration and awareness phases. But how can we develop an effective influencer marketing strategy? 

We share 6 tips for the effective development of communication strategies with content creators on social networks:

  1. The content and tastes of the influencers must be in line with the brand: When selecting a profile, it is important to focus on the values they transmit, as one of the main objectives is for them to become a brand ambassador. The stronger this relationship is, the more natural and spontaneous the way they will share the brand on social networks or on their blog.
  2. Combine macro and micro-influencers: Don’t be guided solely by the number of followers. Instagram’s algorithm shows that the higher the number of followers, the lower the engagement. This means that, although the reach is greater, it does not necessarily generate interaction throughout your community. The goal is to strike a balance by combining macro and micro-influencers that help amplify the message and create greater interaction in a loyal community.
  3. Establish a multi-channel strategy: Use a selection of influencers to help impact the target audience in different channels of inspiration such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or blogs. The message will be disseminated in digital media in a way that will impact the user at different stages of the conversion funnel, mainly inspiration and brand consideration.
  4. Create a community around the brand with interaction and actions with the influencers making them feel at ‘home’: Involve them with actions such as Quizzes, Direct, Sponsored Content, and contests that involve their community.
  5. Analyse the interactions that may exist between the group of influencers/content creators, as well as possible friendship or professional interrelationships. If there is a good atmosphere in the group, they will interact with each other on social networks and increase the campaign results by creating greater visibility.
  6. Share long-lasting and stable messages over time, avoiding advertising fatigue to achieve greater brand recall by extending the campaign over time. It will help to create the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) strategy in which the user will want to live the experience or buy the product.

For more information, see the Top Comunicación article where more influencer communication experts share their tips.

The influencer strategy can vary according to the brand and values, being necessary to study the needs and objectives of each campaign so that the message spreads on social networks effectively and influencers become brand ambassadors.

Patricia Erustes

Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager

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