Instagram, the main social network of inspiration for the Spanish traveller

Instagram, the main social network of inspiration for the Spanish traveller

Nowadays, the strong relationship between tourism and the social media network  Instagram is unquestionable. As mentioned in the IAB 2022 study, this social network is among the most used globally, along with Facebook and Whatsapp. However, Instagram is the best rated with a score of 8.4 out of 10. 

According to the IAB 2022 analysis, 85% of the Spanish population use social media. This amounts to a total of 28.3 million people who are currently connected through different networks. 

Social networks are the new heart of modern shopping. In other words, the younger generations use social media to research brands rather than search engines themselves. 

Why Instagram? 

Instagram has been instrumental in the massive growth of tourism by increasing its supply and demand value. In addition, it functions as an important marketing tool and for the creation of innovative strategies. Through this platform, tourists have the possibility to search, book, advertise and review tourist destinations, hotels and attractions.

Most successful formats on Instagram

This year, Instagram is the network that has generated the most interaction. We can observe that of the 100% of the publications made on this network, 60% are long-lasting, that is, fixed publications in the feed, while the other 40% are temporary (stories). Of these publications, the most successful content, according to IAB 2022, are photos, followed by videos. 

Photos are also the most consumed content and generate the most impact. Furthermore, own posts have 164% more reach on average than stories. 

Instagram usage time 

Spanish users spend approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes connected to Instagram daily. Therefore, companies must find a way to use this time to their advantage. 

This network is perceived as a place to upload photos and to be entertained. Therefore, the challenge for those who want to sell tourism products is to find a way to capture the attention of users in order to promote their product or destination. Forty-nine percent of respondents to the IAB 2022 survey said they follow travel, transport and tourism content, making it one of the most popular topics among internet users.

According to Travellyze, how is the Spanish traveller inspired by Instagram? 

Thanks to Travellyze, the tourism intelligence platform that allows us to measure and compare the image of destinations in different markets and create detailed profiles of travellers, we analysed the online media that inspire Spanish travellers. Most notably, Instagram ranks third in travel inspiration, with 61% of travellers stating to be inspired by the channel, with Google and Tripadvisor leading the way. However, Instagram is the most important social media network with the greatest influence on travellers. 

On the other hand, Spaniards aged 25-34 (39%) are the ones who most use this network for inspiration. They are followed by travellers aged 35 to 44 (23%) and in third place by young people aged 18 to 24 (15%). It is important to highlight that 38% have a travel budget of between 1,000 and 2,999 euros, while the annual income of 42% of these travellers is between 18,000 and 35,999 euros. 

With regard to the factors that influence the choice of destination, the following stand out: safety, cleanliness, new experiences and being in contact with nature. This is something that tourism companies or destinations looking to use Instagram to grow should take into account. When it comes to booking, 82% of tourists book their flight and hotel separately, using either a platform or an agency, and are mainly looking for 3 to 4-star hotels. 

Use of influencers and why 

Influencers are people who have authority and relevance in social networks. They also have credibility so they are able to persuade their audience by influencing their decision making and way of thinking. 

There are different types of influencers, operating across different sectors such as fashion, lifestyle or tourism. 

The IAB 2022 report mentions that Instagram is the social network where most influencers are followed (53%). In addition, this year, the level of trust of influencers has increased, with 1 in 2 respondents considering those they follow to be credible. 

Some examples of influencers involved in tourism promotion:  

  • Enrique Alex @enriquealex: With 220K followers, he publishes his content in the format of reels and photos. He shares his adventurous spirit with his audience.

  • Izhan Go @izhan_go: He has 211K followers on Instagram, displaying mostly inspirational content.

  • Diana Millos @dianamillos: She has 141K followers on her Instagram account and publishes content mainly in reel or photo format where she shows the different trips she takes throughout the year, especially showing the different activities offered by the destinations.

  • Sara Caballero @lamochiladesara: With 110K followers, her content focuses on travel and lifestyle. She posts different photos showing her travels as well as reels in which she plays with transitions.

  • Gemelos viajeros @gemelosviajeros:Alfonso and Gonzalo have 102K followers. They post a lot of quizzes and questions, interacting a lot with their followers through their stories. 

Success stories

On Instagram there are more than 150 million photos with the hashtag #Travel, #Valencia, #Chile or #Brussels. In other words, tourism is one of the most important and popular forms of content on Instagram. Why? 60% of users post images of the places they visit on their profiles. This platform has turned us all into travel photographers. 

As previously mentioned, an image generates many more interactions than any other type of content. On a daily basis, we consume thousands of images before text (which require a higher level of concentration). In this sense, we present below some Instagram accounts that efficiently use the platform to transmit the beauty and excitement on offer at their destination:

  • @chiletravel: They have a reach of 329K followers and their account focuses on promoting Chile, a true paradise at the tip of America. They post photos but also use reels. They invite their travellers to tag them using the hashtag #ChileIsBack.

  • @visitjamaica: They have 159K followers and share content about the nature experiences on offer in Jamaica. Their hashtag is #VisitJamaica.
  • @visitbrussels: With 135K followers, this account wants to promote tourism in the capital of Belgium. It invites its audience to use the hashtag #visitbrussels and share their experiences and adventures here.

  • @jungrfaujochtopofeurope: This account has 119K followers. In their photos, they try to show users what it is like to be in a snowy place 365 days a year. They also have a hashtag: #jungfraujoch.


Without a doubt, we can see that the tourism sector is one of the sectors that can benefit the most from Instagram, an incredibly visual platform where the possibilities for content are infinite. On the other hand, users want to find more experiential content rather than advertising. As a result, influencers can also be an excellent tool in destination promotion.

Macarena Olivarri

PR Team

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