Influencer and Native Content in a successful digital campaign

Combination of Influencer and Native Content in a successful digital campaign

On the occassion of the organisation of the Singapore Food Festival that took place from the 21st to the 30th of August, the Singapore Tourism Board needed to promote the event in the Spanish market in order to increase awareness and participation through 3 relevant gastro-influencers as well as to increase the conversion of registrations for the event.

A record PR campaign in the worst year in the history of tourism

Influencer and Native Content in a successful digital campaign

What we’ve done

The Singapore Food Festival’s digital campaign started on August 20th at Conde Nast Traveler, an Ad Hoc campaign through different advertising media such as Facebook posts, Instagram stories, Newsletter and Reach Media formats developed exclusively for the campaign. In addition, to generate greater awareness and engagement of the event in social networks, the campaign was accompanied by actions of ‘Earned Media’ with 5 prominent gastro-influencers from the Spanish market. All of them spontaneously shared up to 72 posts on their social networks with videos, stories and relevant information about the event during the two weeks of the gastronomic festival.

Results: The campaign notably exceeded the objectives set by the client, which included obtaining the active collaboration of 3 gastro-influencers in the Spanish market during the event. Finally, we achieved the participation of 4 macro-influencers and 1 micro-influencer as ‘earned media’ although, their activity normally requires the payment of a fee by the company.

As for the digital campaign with Conde Nast Traveler, we achieved a CTR on Facebook of 1.65%, considerably exceeding the sector average of 0.9%, in addition to the 0.77% of the newsletter, which exceeded the standard 0.47% of the market.

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