9 March 2021

Vaccinations, free Covid testing and less restrictive quarantines fuelling a travel recovery

Travel Consul, the travel industry´s largest marketing network, has just released the findings from its third Global Travel Distribution COVID-19 IMPACT Survey. Download the global study […]
8 February 2021

Sustainability, security and instant travel: influencer campaigns of 2021

Bloggers, Instagrammers and influencers have not stopped working: during these months they have rethought their content to adapt to the needs of travellers, and have carried […]
23 November 2020

Interface Tourism launches a business intelligence tool to analyse tourism consumption perceptions and trends

European Traveller Intelligence Monitor is a new business intelligence platform for tourism that uses algorithms capable of crossing data on perceptions of 101 tourist destinations and […]
26 October 2020

Destination health and safety certification gives confidence to agents and travellers

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