5 ways to make your vacation feel like an Indiana Jones adventure

5 ways to make your vacation feel like an Indiana Jones adventure

The new Indiana Jones movie is releasing this year and we’re all in the mood for a new adventure. There’s one problem though: we’re not all whip-wielding fedora-adoring archeologist-teachers.

So what can we do to quench our thirst for adventure? Good question! Well, we do have this thing called a “vacation”, and with the new film releasing this summer, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, this will make for the perfect weather to set out on your own adventure. “What can I do”? I hear you ask. A lot of things! At least five in fact. Let us show you around!

#1 – Finding a goal

This one is easier said than done, but it will make a lot of sense. When you do book your vacation, perhaps it would be an idea to think of something that you would want to see or achieve. Is there anything you ever thought about seeing that was out of the ordinary and can’t be found at home? The “object” could be anything, you could set out to simply visit a monument, like the Eiffel Tower, but where is the adventure in that?

Was there perhaps anything from a song that you used to sing that you would like to see? Perhaps you always wanted to see the city of “Mandalay”, from Robbie Williams’ song? Perhaps you want to find out where exactly the strawberry fields are that the Beatles used to sing about? Do you perhaps want to find out if you can find a rare animal like a chameleon out in the wild in Andalusia? Google is your friend! With a goal in mind, an adventure can become that much sweeter!

#2 – Practice a sport that you never thought about before

How about riding a horse into the sunset out into nature? If you have no experience with horse-riding, or any other sport for that matter, then it’s a good idea to hire an instructor. You never know, you might enjoy the company and learn more about the locals of the country that you find yourself in!

But, of course, sports are not limited to simply horse-riding… Have you ever considered bungee-jumping? Or Ice skating on a frozen lake? Or perhaps quad racing in the desert? I have a hunch that it will make you feel alive. Of course, you don’t have to do physical sports by default. Consider playing chess in the park, or asking locals to teach you their favorite card games.

#3 – Go metal-detecting

We almost forgot, but Indy is of course an archeologist! So what better way to get the same sense of adventure that he is having than by tracing the land looking for long lost treasure? There are plenty of objects and coins hidden away in the ground for centuries… or days. But regardless of the value of the objects you find (which could be a lot), it’s about the adventure that it brings with you. Also, it will make for a far better souvenir than whatever you can buy at a store! Just make sure that you research in which area you do your metal detecting, because certain areas can be forbidden because of for example the protection of nature reservations or archaeological digging.

#4 – Visit ancient monuments

If you truly want to feel like Indy, then perhaps one of the best things you can do is visit some of the many ancient buildings located in Europe, or in the rest of the world of course! Visit Petra (horse not required), the Pyramids or the Sphinx in Egypt. But why limit yourself to Egypt? Every country holds history and many monuments. Have you ever visited the Pantheon, or the Colosseum? Have you gone up the Vesuvius and tried to see the ancient city of Pompei? There are many ancient historical sites to enjoy, most of them you might’ve seen in movies!

Have you ever seen the Tower of Hercules, the ancient Roman lighthouse located in the north of Spain? It was executed based upon the original building plans of the lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the lost wonders of the world! And even after having visited those places, the well of treasures that the ancient world has left behind for us is endless and spans the globe!

#5 – Travel alone

While Indy does have travel companions, he sets out on his adventures himself. Perhaps you have never considered traveling alone, for example for the fear of getting lost, overwhelmed or being labeled a “loner”. Indeed, it can be overwhelming when you set out your own plan. But it’s an experience that can’t be described as anything other than an adventure. You will be in an entirely new situation and will have to rely upon your own skills and knowledge. Of course it’s important that you prepare yourself well in the case that you do decide to go alone.

Always make sure that the route you take is safe. Adventure doesn’t have to equal danger. When experiencing the country and its nature it’s a good idea to contact a local guide who can show you around and give you tips on where to go, what to do and what not to do. It’s also an idea to contact the locals and ask them what they recommend, or don’t recommend. They’ve lived there for years after all, so they likely will know best!

That’s it, you’re all set to have your own Indiana Jones adventure!

Egbert Wagenborg

PR & Marketing Team

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