Trade Development

What we’ve done

We organised a blog-trip with five influencers each with different profiles and themes (life-style, Travel, gastro, culture and history) to cover all the experiences of the destination, namely: Judith Tiral, Ceci Saia, Kikyo Vlog, Un Blog de Palo and Petiscos Galegos.

The selection of the profiles took into account not only the number of followers but also the engagement rate, the quality of their publications and their multi-channel approach to amplify their messages through different channels such as TikTok. In addition, we analysed the interrelationship between them to create a natural group of friends who already know each other.

We developed 2 different itineraries to generate greater exclusivity by offering a complete getaway.

In addition, the combination of macro and micro-influencers sharing quality content about a new destination and the experiences they participated in, allowed us to achieve a high number of interactions as well as reaching a high number of unique accounts.


  • 169 posts by the 5 influencers
  • More than 248,000 interactions
  • Almost 1.7M unique accounts reached
  • An engagement rate of 14.5% (11 points above the industry average)
  • Nearly 810 clicks on the website URL
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