Travel Bloggers Meeting Eslovenia

Travel Bloggers Meeting Eslovenia

Interface Tourism proposed to the Slovenia Tourism Board the opportunity to be the sole sponsor of the Travel Bloggers Meeting, which took place in Madrid during the days of FITUR 2017. This implied that the content of the 4-hour event would be completely dedicated to Slovenia, with presentations, activities and tastings of the country.

What we’ve done

For the event, Travel Bloggers Meeting got in touch with several of its partners to make different presentations about the destination. Three travel bloggers gave a group presentation on several places in Slovenia that can be visited according to the interests of the traveler. Miquel Silvestre, a famous traveler and TV journalist, spoke about his experience traveling across the country by motorbike. Finally, Sofia Piñero presented a project called “Young Adventurers”, which inspired a contest between Spanish bloggers, and members of tourism authorities in Slovenia and Ljubljana talked about their destinations. At last, there were tasting of cheeses, wines and figs with chocolate offered by Slovenia.

Results: About 150 people attended the event, the biggest call ever for a TBM organized during FITUR. #TBMEslovenia had an estimated reach on Twitter of 5.7 million impressions and more than 1,560 tweets. The official hashtag of Slovenia, #ifeelsLOVEnia, peaked on January 20 (the same hashtag had 6.4 million impressions in the week from January 18 to 25). During the event, #TBMEslovenia became the third most used TT in Spain, only after the inauguration of Trump and a TV program.

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