Promotion of Scotland with the movie “Brave”

Promotion of Scotland with the movie "Brave"

Disney Pixar launched the Brave animated film in 2012, which took place in Scotland and was starred by Scottish clans. Visit Scotland agreed to invest in the promotion of the film and the country. They contracted Interface Turismo for a period of 4 months to dedicate themselves to the PR part and to help with several events in the Spanish market.

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Promotion of Scotland with the movie “Brave”

What we’ve done

We sent a press release on Scotland related to the Disney Pixar film, emphasizing the great promotions Disney Pixar makes about its new films. We held joint events with Disney Pixar such as the “Creative Delivery” of press packs, with a bagpiper dressed as a Scotsman going around the different publishers and delivering information to the beat of the pipe. We also participated in a Redhead Concentration event as Scotland has the largest concentration of redheads in the world.

We organized press trips with some of the most important travel and lifestyle media in Spain, and made them practice archery as the heroine of the film.

Results: All the activity generated free advertising on television, radio, newspapers and magazines for about € 1,300,000

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