Photography course in Chile with Olympus and Fnac

Photography course in Chile with Olympus and Fnac

The objective of the campaign was to increase the identification of Chile as a destination of adventure and nature, as well as to strengthen the main tourist spots of Santiago and Atacama, creating an online community around the destination of Chile and generating visibility in social networks.

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12 December 2017
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12 December 2017

Photography course in Chile with Olympus and Fnac

What we’ve done

In the contest, addressed to members of the Fnac Club, two parties were combined: one in which the members had to identify photographs with Chilean landscapes and another in which they sent a photograph taken by them, of any subject, with the motto ” I want to photograph Chile “. The three most original, selected by Olympus, Turismo Chile and FNAC, won.

Results: increased presence in social networks and impact on potential travelers to Chile, arousing motivation in audiences that otherwise are more difficult to reach.

The combination of forces in the networks led to a reach of more than 280,000 followers on Facebook, 53,400 on Twitter and 160,000 members in the Fnac Club app. Almost 900 people participated in the contest and Chile was present in 300,000 copies of Fnac magazine and in the home of the web, with 41 million page views per month and 7 million unique users per month. The Tourist Guide of Chile obtained 130,000 visits through the websites of Club Fnac, Tendenda and Ofertia, and the newsletter had an impact of 80,091 and more than 15,000 clicks.

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