Most families choose direct booking for their trips

Most families choose direct booking for their trips

How do Spanish families travel in 2021? This is the question answered in the report contained in the white paper “The new traveler: this is how the tourism sector prepares its future” by minube and SEGITTUR, which analyzes the behavior of some of the most representative “tribes” among Spanish travelers: couples, families, people traveling alone, with friends and intergenerational families.

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According to the conclusions of the survey carried out to more than 1,700 travelers from the minube community that is included in the white paper, families formed by couples and children account for 23% of the total sample and bet mostly (62%) on direct booking, while 20% choose to make reservations in an online agency. Only 4% of families go to a physical agency to make their reservations.

As for the budget, according to the report, family travel is more conditioned by this aspect than other tribes (couples, people traveling alone or with friends) and is the main factor for 15% of them, compared to 13% of travelers in general. 38% of families plan to spend between 100 and 500 euros per person, 28% will spend between 500 and 1,000 and only 25% will spend more than 1,000 euros per person, as can be seen in the attached infographic.

In the same vein, 38% of families will travel a week or less in 2021 and only 19% will exceed two weeks. In addition, the report’s conclusions indicate that 41% of families will only make one trip this year.

In any case, overcrowding is the main aspect for 52% of family trips, followed by anti-Covid safety measures, which worries 18% of travelers. A sustainable destination is a priority factor for 14% of families.

Like most Spanish travelers, families will mostly choose (77%) to stay in domestic destinations. In terms of accommodation, 47% choose hotels, rural accommodation, or resorts, compared to the rental of apartments / houses / villas for which 26% choose. It should be noted that their own houses are more common than in other profiles.

Finally, in terms of preference for type of travel, 45% of families prefer “Sun and Beach”, which stands out above rural or inland destinations, the favorite option for 26% of families. Only 8% opt for urban tourism and 6% for sports or adventure tourism.


Amparo Mañez

PR Team

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