Interface Tourism launches a business intelligence tool to analyse tourism consumption perceptions and trends

Interface Tourism launches a business intelligence tool to analyse tourism consumption perceptions and trends

European Traveller Intelligence Monitor is a new business intelligence platform for tourism that uses algorithms capable of crossing data on perceptions of 101 tourist destinations and the travel inspiration, product preferences and booking behaviour of more than 20,000 travellers in 13 European countries. In total it analyses more than 5.7 million data points to paint a detailed portrait of today’s European travellers.

This technological tool allows any destination to create detailed profiles of travellers in each European market and to analyse, in detail, the perception of the destination, its expectations, motivations and behaviour in terms of travel planning, purchase and consumption.

This year, the survey of over 20,000 travellers in 13 countries included seven specific questions on the effect of COVID19 to help destinations design marketing strategies to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

The European Traveller Intelligence Monitor is the result of a collaborative project of tourism marketing agencies across most of Europe, including Interface Tourism’s offices in Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

At Interface Tourism Spain, we have been working closely with different Big Data tools for years to design and execute increasingly targeted  and effective communication and advertising campaigns.  We needed, however,  a tool capable of mixing qualitative and quantitative data to create more complete profiles of travellers on which to build tourism marketing strategies. Talking to clients and colleagues in other countries, it was clear that the ability to cross-check data on perception, image, demographics and consumer habits was the Holy Grail for tourism marketing professionals. So we joined the search and for two years, independent agencies across Europe worked together  to find the solution and create our own tool.

The technology was developed in Denmark, although each agency has been responsible for inputting the data from its respective market. Through Interface Tourism Spain, destinations and companies in the sector have, for the first time, detailed and updated data on the Spanish traveller.

One of the conclusions of the analysis of the Spanish outbound market data from the business intelligence platform, European Travel Intelligence Monitor, is that the vaccine against COVID-19 is the key to relaunching the Spanish outbound market, especially in the long term, as shown by the analysis of the tourism business intelligence panel. 56% of Spanish travellers will reduce their trips while waiting for the vaccine, although 44% will continue to travel, without altering their plans or looking for viable alternatives.

One of the clearest trends in the process of planning and choosing destinations for Spanish travellers is the need for certainty. The outbound market is divided between those who will continue to travel looking for viable alternatives or will not change their travel plans (44%) and those who will reduce their trips, especially while waiting for a vaccine (56%). In fact, 38% of Spaniards will not travel until a vaccine is available, and even with a vaccine 18% already say will travel less than before the pandemic. However, 23% have not changed their holiday plans and 21% are actively seeking alternative approaches and destinations to continue enjoying tourism.

From the point of view of the tourist destinations that Spaniards will choose in the next twelve months, priority is given to those that seem most feasible considering the current circumstances of mobility limitations. 45% will make more journeys within the national territory, and 23% will increase their visits to destinations in nearby or bordering countries; in addition, 17% will try to travel more to European destinations, and 15% will increase their journeys to long haul destinations that provide the required safety and health guarantees.

Everyday experiences in accessible destinations: how Spaniards will travel in the next twelve months

According to the most recent wave of the European Traveller Intelligence Monitor, the most important factor among Spaniards when choosing a destination is security standards (49% of travellers) and costs at the destination (16%).

The data, taken from the exclusive platform that Interface markets in Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, shows that the travel profile is preferred by Europeans. It combines, on the one hand, the most established the main motivations for travel and, this year sheds light on the particularities associated with the pandemic.

Thus, in the next twelve months, 37% of Spanish travellers will choose sun and beach plans, 28% will opt for cultural experiences, 16% will opt for cruises and 13% for multi-destination itineraries; while the remaining 6% will look for winter sports destinations.


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