Gastronomy, experience and memories of travelers

Food is often one of the strongest memories we take home from our holidays. Only the faint aroma of something you ate has the ability to bring you back to a special moment associated with that smell.

It has been said that one of the best ways to get to know a country that you are exploring is through local food and, encouraged by the rumor of unique culinary experiences on social media, many destinations are developing their travel products to include gastronomy as a way to promote themselves as inimitable.

Gastronomy is not just what is served, there is a value chain behind each dish, which has a direct impact on the community, and various elements that influence its creation. The production, preparation and tasting of the ingredients are the most obvious part, to which are added the cultural and culinary identity of the destination, heritage and tradition, and all arouse the curiosity of travelers, in search of the authenticity of each destination.

Along with the climate, accommodation and landscape, food is another major factor influencing the traveler’s choice of a destination; and the following examples show the power of attraction offered by some of the world’s best-known gastronomic paradises:

  1. The Zaou Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan:

Have you ever been on a vacation but had the desire to go fishing? In Zaou, guests have the opportunity to fish their food at the restaurant. When they arrive, the guests receive a fishing pole with which they will be able to catch what they are going to eat (and it cannot be returned to the water). They can ask for help catching the most succulent prey and, at the end of the process, the room staff will celebrate the moment with songs as they take the catch to the chef for cooking.

  1. SnowCastle Restaurant in Kemi, Finland:

The world’s largest snow fortress, SnowCastle, has a restaurant that was listed in Forbes as one of the “Three Extraordinary Restaurants to visit in 2019”. Dinner is an experience based on local cuisine, unique and unrepeatable, overlooking the spectacular icy landscapes.

  1. The Grotta Palazzese Restaurant in Puglia, Italy:

The room of this restaurant is located in a cave overlooking the Adriatic Sea, carved out by the sea centuries ago; in fact, it has been used for parties and banquets since the 18th century. Italian specialties are the protagonists of this restaurant, including cappellacci and cavatelli.

  1. El Diablo Restaurant in Lanzarote, Spain:

In this restaurant, diners can discover the taste of food cooked in the heat of a volcano while enjoying the lunar landscape of Lanzarote, with its mountains and desolate lava fields.

  1. The Giraffe Manor Restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya:

As its name indicates, in this mansion diners can share space with giraffes who visit the restaurant in search of local cuisine, thanks to its location being surrounded by the wildlife that lives in a native forest. The local products are the stars of this venue where the giraffes let themselves be embraced or admired by visitors.

  1. Le 3842 Restaurant in Chamonix, France :

Its name reflects the height of the premises, at 3,842 meters above sea level in Aiguille du Midi, located in the Mont Blanc massif. This is one of the highest restaurants in Europe that is accessed by cable car, from which it is possible to behold beautiful landscapes. Once seated at the table, the diners will be able to taste regional plates, elaborated with fresh and local products, with a view that will make them feel on top of the world.

Eating is no longer just a necessity that we must satisfy every day, it is also a way to explore the world and the places we visit, while letting ourselves be surprised and moved by the culture, customs and local flavors.

Tatiana Freitas

Marketing Team

Marketing Team

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