We are celebrating! New direct charter Madrid-Montego Bay

We are celebrating! New direct charter Madrid-Montego Bay   


At Interface Tourism Spain we are in luck. This past weekend, specifically on Sunday, June 25, we launched a direct charter to Jamaica, a flight from the Evelop airline (belonging to the Barceló group) that will be operational until October 29 with weekly flights on Sundays and with capacity for 388 passengers (6042 seats in total during the 4 months).

For a tourist destination to have a good air connection is essential, and much better if there is a direct flight between the target market (in this case Spain) and the destination in particular. And, at this moment, two important factors come into play: the first, a powerful promotion of the destination to increase the interest to know Jamaica among the Spanish and, secondly, a search of the necessary partners in the Spanish tourist industry to be able to carry out this flight.

For Interface Tourism Spain, a tough challenge begins here, since the objective is that these flights are full and this takes hard work on all those involved. In August 2016, we started a tourism promotion strategy designed to position Jamaica in the mind of the Spanish traveler as “the unknown Caribbean, where you will find wonderful beaches, but also endless experiences of nature, entertainment and culture for all”. Fighting lack of knowledge of the destination and positioning it properly is fundamental to create expectations and generate interest when choosing a holiday destination.

At the same time that we work on the promotion, the talks begin with, in this case, two Spanish tour operators: Soltour, specialist in the destination and with economic interests in it, since they own hotels in Jamaica, and the Barceló group, with a wide line of business that includes everything from the needed airline to the tour operators who can program the destination and offer the traveler an exclusive package. All this combined with the interest and total support that the Tourist Office of Jamaica gives to all the partners have made the new direct charter flight between Madrid and Montego Bay happen.

And once we reach this point, we are back in action with powerful actions of promotion not only focused on the destination but also the new vacation experience that has been created as a result of the new flight. All the players, Tourism of Jamaica through Interface Tourism Spain, Grupo Barceló and Soltour join efforts in order to carry out campaigns directed not only to the final consumer but to the entire sales network, fundamental to the challenge of filling the Spanish passenger aircraft and perhaps, who knows, extend the life of this charter or repeat it next year if it becomes an absolute success.

By Trine Bruun


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