ITB 2017, meeting point for Travel Consul

ITB 2017, meeting point for Travel Consul


Three years have passed since MMGY Global, the largest integrated marketing firm in travel in the USA, established an international network of elite marketing agencies. Today, Travel Consul is the global standard for the travel and tourism sector. As Don Montague, Chairman at MMGY Global, said: “This alliance brings your brand the power of travel marketing experts from around the world. Now that’s powerful.”

After a year of many successes, in which the total client base has risen to over 500 clients, top leaders of Travel Consul agency-members gathered in Berlin prior to ITB last week for their biannual meeting with the aim of discussing how to further strengthen the network and promote collaboration. They were joined by two Travel Consul collaborators, Adara (the global travel data platform) and IPK International (known internationally for its outbound research “the World Travel Monitor®”). Rolf Dr. Freitag, CEO at IPK International provided Travel Consul members with a 2017 forecast on world travel trends while Ted Sullivan, Vice President of Tourism and Resort Analytics showed them how Adara is helping DMOs measure the most effective return on their marketing spends.

On the other hand, the new edition of the International Tourism Fair in Berlin was presented as the meeting place to talk about sustainable tourism, how to reach its objectives and why it is important to take it seriously. That is the goal of the industry this year, to make the sector a living being respectful of the environments, societies and cultures around the world.

In ITB it was clear that nowadays security is important when organizing a trip and also that multi-destination travel triumphs when tourists have to make large journeys. At the fair, an increase was expected in comparison to 2016, where 180,000 visitors were surpassed, 120,000 of whom had been professionals in the sector. However, due to the strike of staff at airports in the German capital that forced to cancel almost all flights on Friday 10 March, ITB closed its doors with a number of visitors considerably lower than expected: 109,000

Even so, more than 184 destinations met at the event, making it one of the most important gatherings in the world of the tourism sector. “People do not give up traveling in these uncertain times,” said the fair’s CEO, Christian Göke, making it clear that the tourism industry is incompatible with the walls that threat to be raised in some parts of the world.

The ITB congress also proved to be a success, with 200 sessions and 400 participants in its conferences, spokespersons dealing with various political, social and technological issues.

By Travel Consul and Interface Tourism Spain

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