How to explain to my parents that I DON’T work in a travel agency?

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11 October 2016
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How to explain to my parents that I DON’T work in a travel agency?

How to explain to my parents that I DON’T work in a travel agency?

The questions never come to an end when you spend your working day in a Marketing and tourism PR Agency:

-“What are you doing exactly?”

– “If you don’t organize travels, then… what is your work?”

– “Promote the visibility of a brand in the media? And… how do you do that?”

–   Public relations with journalists? I really don’t understand anything …”

Today, in this new adventure that we began in the Interface Tourism Blog, we want to explain to our parents, families, friends, and all those who decide to make a virtual stop here, that we have one of the most exciting jobs that exist, because it allows us to combine the wonderful world of travel with communications, journalism and public relations: if you need to promote a tourist brand or destination at a media level, we are your team, but if what you need is to find a flight, an hotel or a destination… we are not what you are looking for… Or, maybe yes?

In Interface Tourism Spain we dedicate our daily efforts so that the leading tourism brands find the best way to get promotion in our market and consolidate long-term strategies together with the best partners in the Spanish tourism industry. In this way, through print and digital media, TV or radio, our mission is to get detailed information about companies that allow the final consumer to find the desired destination, the most appropriate accommodation or cheaper flights. Hotel chains, airlines, travel agencies online and technology companies, as well as offices of tourism around the world, open their doors to the Spanish and Portuguese travel market thanks to our hands.

How do we do it? In fact, our work is very, very funny, as well as professional: the longstanding presence of Interface Tourism in the sector has allowed us to have a wide network of contacts in the media world and in the tourism sector to which we develop communication strategies and PR, tailored to each client:

  • PR: Public Relations in the broadest sense. We take care of the image of our clients at all levels and with all actors in this exciting world of travel and tourism: from the communication and relations with the media and journalists, to the more commercial part with the tour operators and travel agencies, airlines strategic and institutional relations with Chambers of Commerce, embassies, airports and port authorities and key consultants for the proper development of this area.
  • Communication department/ Press Office: We maintain very close contact with journalists and bloggers, to whom we send releases of the tourist brands for which we are working, and also carry out periodic events with them to get closer to the customer: travel and press conferences, speaking opportunities, lunches, hospitality…
  • Presence in social media networks: because you have to be trendy and the visibility offered by the Social Media environment is essential to expand the brand.
  • Consulting: our team always offers their complete abilities to provide the information necessary for the development of the brand through image surveys, market studies, product positioning…
  • Tourist representation: For many of our clients, we promote relationships with professionals of the tourism sector, the network of tour operators and travel agencies, training them on the destination through presentations or webinars, letting them know of the latest developments and organizing familiarization trips, bringing a very close contact between the brand and the trade network in order to expand the product and options of sale in the travel channel distribution.
  • Participation in events of the tourist sector: our customers will always have presence at conferences and events related to its market area.
  • Advertising campaigns: because there are specific moments where the communication must be supported by an advertising strategy that boosts the scope of action in favour of the company. We reinforce the advertising campaigns with the collaboration of other companies in the travel industry or even co-brand with powerful brands in other sectors such as the automotive and sports, food and trade or fashion brands.

All this makes up our day by day in Interface Tourism, a group dedicated to “make travellers dream with tourist brands“, with presence in Europe, with more than 16 years of successes, and member of the Travel Consul alliance, the first global consortium of advertising, brand strategy, public relations, digital, media and tourism marketing companies, that offers to customers new resources through all communication channels of marketing, its know-how in all the key markets all over the world.

By María Sánchez


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