Sponsorship of Ecuador in Davis Cup

Sponsorship of Ecuador in Davis Cup

Interface Tourism Spain received the call from the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador to take advantage of the Switzerland vs Ecuador match in the Davis Cup 2013 and promote the destination in the Swiss market.

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12 December 2017

Sponsorship of Ecuador in Davis Cup

What we’ve done

We hired promotional activities in the venue where the Switzerland-Ecuador tennis match was held, including two billboards at the bottom of the track and two on the sides, as well as another outside the track. In addition, the message “Ecuador love life” was included in two tennis players’ rest benches, in the photocall for TV interviews, in the official printed program and on the official website.

On the other hand, promotional material of the destination Ecuador was delivered at the event itself during the days of the tournament, with a high and very high target audience.

Results: We created brand positioning of the destination in the mind of the Swiss consumer and traveler, with more than 8 hours of live television coverage.

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