Market inteligence for Costa del Sol

Market inteligence for Costa del Sol

Interface Tourism centralized market intelligence for two years in six different European countries (Russia, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, France and Spain itself) to analyze the preferences of the tourism sector in the Costa del Sol destination, differentiating interests and problems of each market.

What we’ve done

Each market, during the stipulated time, made a series of reports regularly for which they made contact with different members of the industry in which they discussed and analyzed the virtues and defects of the destination, the positive aspects, those that needed reinforcement and those that had been unexpectedly successful. The agencies contacted stakeholders, tour operators, travel agencies and journalists while studying the actions of the competition to draw conclusions highlighting local information relevant to the impact on the destination.

Thanks to the intelligence generated and sent to the client, Costa del Sol was able to use the data to act in different aspects. Likewise, the use of ForwardKeys to monitor certain data and actions gave information on where to locate efforts and campaigns, and which markets needed support in certain circumstances (for example, routes in Germany decreased, which required greater investment of promotion in that country).

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